Buy Yourself Go

Offer your customers the most transgressive shopping experience to pay without queueing up

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The experience is beyond imaginable

Buy Yourself Checkout Experiences transform your customers' smartphone into a point of sale, allowing them to pay autonomously



1. Scan


2. Pay


3. Enjoy

Sales conversion

  • Eliminate tails friction
  • Avoid losing sales in moments of maximum affluence
  • Increase the average ticket

Sellers efficiency

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Avoid hiring support profiles on dates of maximum influx
  • Offer a better service to your customers

Self-CheckOut RFID

Autonomous clients

Transform your customer's smartphone into a point of sale in store, so they can pay for themselves without checking out and without waiting or creating queues at any point in the store.

Avoid the loss of sales caused by queues in periods of maximum affluence.

The bought product's security-tag will be automatically disabled thanks to our patented RFID-based technology.

Maximum security

It integrates with your current security systems.

It allows your customers to complete the purchase process even if all the communication systems of the store fail.

We guarantee maximum security thanks to the complete encryption of the data.

Express Checkout

Express corners

Adaptation of the Self CheckOut experience for retailers without RFID technology.

Create Xpress corners: the customer pays from his smartphone and disregard the product's security-tag in the Xpress corner

Capture customer data, boost your brand and community.

The Amazon Go experience in your stores

Adapted to your business

Shopping experience adapted to your current store security and operations systems

No integrations

Set up in 24h. No need to integrate your systems

No apps, no frictions

Neither your customers need to download any app nor signups

Request a Buy Yourself Go Demo

We would love to show you first-hand how Buy Yourself can help you deliver the best shopping experience to your customers and stop losing sales