Careers – Buy Yourself

We use the latest technologies to build great shopping experiences. We take advantage of mobile technologies and RFID to ensure that customers of large retail chains can buy where, when and how they want. In addition, we digitize their physical stores to optimize their sales process and make their shop assistants better sellers.

To do this, we seek world-class talent with the aim of boosting our ambitious expansion plans. Someone who can help us “decipher things” and do them at the same time. We offer a unique opportunity to be part of an amazing team. We are an intelligent, fun and hardworking group.

Our systems are built using an SOA approach that allows us to perform multiple deployments per day and we love agile methodologies, continuous integration and automated testing. The core of our technology is developed in Java, Kotlin, Angular5, Swift and MongoDB, but our architecture is “language-agnostic”. We move fast, but we think a lot about the design to make it simple and scalable. We write clean and modular code to produce great software that meets the needs of our customers.