Do not lose sales in store due to stock breakages or a bad shopping experience

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Do not lose any sales opportunity in store

The BY Stores module offers a mobile app to your shop assistants that allows them to close sales anywhere in the store and through any channel


Sales conversion

  • Offer a quality service to your customers
  • Avoid losing sales due to stock breakages in store
  • Accept any payment method on any channel

Sellers efficiency

  • Can close sales anywhere in the store
  • All product information in the palm of their hand
  • Instant learning for shop assistants without previous knowledge

Digital Offline Sales

Sell ​​online from your stores

The Digital Offline sales of Buy Yourself protect your stores against stock breakages, allowing your shop assistants to close the sale on any other channel on the go.

Make preorders at other stores by automating notifications among shop assistants and notifications to your customers. Redirect the sale to the e-commerce, use also the BY E-commerce module to enhance omnichannel.

Any payment method

Give your customers flexibility to choose how they prefer to pay for their online purchase in store: in cash, with a card or through a secure online form.

We automatically create stock movements, tickets and cash inflows or outflows into your POS software, depending on how the sale is paid.

On The Move Sales

Stores without payment boxes

The App for Shop Assistants of Buy Yourself can work as a mPOS, allowing to pay by card anywhere in the store.

Enhance this functionality with the App for customers of the BY Checkout Experiences module, in order to accept mobile payments and capture data about the products your customers buy in all your channels.

We integrate into your App or prepare an application adapted to your brand image

App with your look & feel

Request a Buy Yourself Demo

We would love to show you first-hand how Buy Yourself can help you deliver the best shopping experience to your customers and stop losing sales