Use the stock of all your stores to get the most out of your online channel

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Don't lose any sale in your e-commerce

The BY E-commerce module unifies the stock of your entire company to never suffer stock break in the e-commerce and let your customers always find what they are looking for


  • Avoid losing sells due to not having stock on the main warehouse
  • Sustained turnover increase of 8%, with peaks of up to 67%
  • Increase the average ticket for your online channel

Management costs

  • Optimize the delivery cost according to business rules
  • Use your stores as shipping and collection points
  • Releases residual stock from physical stores

Ship From Store

Unified stock

Ensure the availability of e-commerce stock and send online orders from your stores to reduce costs.

Avoid losing sales due to lack of stock in the warehouse. Transparently for the customer, your e-commerce will have stock availability and your customers will buy the product they want, regardless of where the item is.

Adapted to your needs

Shipping decision algorithm configurable based on business rules, which selects the warehouse or optimal store prioritizing by minimum number of shipments, minimizing the shipping cost, taking products from stores with over-stock or proximity to the destination, among others.

Increase the benefits of Ship From Store also using the BY Stores module.

Protected against stock errors

Set up a security stock to avoid stock errors when assigning shipments, minimizing the chances of rejection due to stock errors.

In addition, from the app, your shop assistants can ensure the availability of the products by accepting or rejecting the shipment in a quick and easy way, and notify the shipping carrier to pick it up.

Click & Collect

Allow your online customers to know the availability of the product in store to be able to buy it online and collect it in minutes.

Offer a quick and easy way to pick up the order and avoid losing the sale for not serving it on time.

With security stock control to avoid stock errors and offer a better shopping experience.

In addition, from the app, your shop assistants can ensure availability by accepting or rejecting the order in a fast and simple way, notifying the customers automatically that they can go to the sore to pick it up.

Informed customers

Your customers receive notifications automatically with the status of their order.

Keep your clients informed with personalized messages according to the status change.

Request a Demo of the E-commerce module

We would love to show you first-hand how Buy Yourself can help you deliver the best shopping experience to your customers and stop losing sales