Scaling stores to customer traffic in real time

an mPOS in your customer's pocket

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The experience is beyond imaginable

Buy Yourself Checkout Experiences transform your customers' smartphone into a point of sale, allowing them to pay autonomously



1. Scan


2. Pay


3. Enjoy

The end of the experience adapts to the particularity of your stores

You can offer a fast lane or have a shop assistant to detach security tags or both options simultaneously. This allow your customers to skip the queue and save your employees 74% of the checkout process time of each sale. It's that simple.

Offer a preferential fast lane for your customers to skip the line and save 74% of the checkout process time of each sale.

Shop assistant

Let your employees carry out the security-tag detachment of the products anywhere in the store.

With this Mobile Xpress-Checkout experience, your employees save, on average, 74% of every checkout process time.

Enjoy the benefits

Sales increase

increase in sales by avoiding losses caused by the lack of real-time adaptation to your stores traffic

Shop assistants time savings

time saved of each checkout process by the shop assistants

No queues experience in your stores

queuing time saved by customers regardless of the number of customers

More benefits

Seller dashboard

To verify which products the customer has purchased and detach the security-tag, there is a dashboard for shop assistants with real-time in-store sales details.

Check the sell status using the desk computer or the current shop assistants smartphones/PDAs.

Customized service experience

For stores where customized attention is a must, shop assistants can accompany the whole customer journey and carry out the experience also on their mobile device.

The customer will use their own smartphone only to make the payment.

Close sales anywhere in the store.

No infrastructure investment needed

Buy Yourself easily adapts to your current systems and infrastructure

Frictionless experience

Your customers do not need to download apps or fill out signup forms

Integration ready in 24 work hours

Buy Yourself integrates with your systems without loading your IT team

Request a customized Buy Yourself Demo

We would love to show you first-hand how Buy Yourself can help you deliver the best shopping experience to your customers and stop losing sales